In the last two decades there has been an explosive growth in the field of communications. Of all the media, television is often singled out for top billing in the communications fight for our attention, but FM radio, records, paperback books, and other media have grown rapidly too. Never before has there been such a deluge of information, and it becomes increasingly difficult to select what is needed to live sane, satisfying lives, without the help of Building Signs and Directional Signage, we could not find our way around any city.

Lighted Building Sign Installed in Orange County
Lighted Building Sign Installed in Orange County

Cities have also grown in size, and with people’s increased mobility, our lives have become increasingly complex. To cope with the growing need for the kind of visual information that helps make a city work, enlightened planners and shapers of the physical environment have given increasing importance to well-designed signs that identify, direct, and warn.

With proper planning, vehicles and pedestrians can be separated on different levels, eliminating the need for many of these signs. Proper architectural planning can reduce the need for signs around and within buildings. To be most effective, signing should be a system of interrelated elements, planned at the same time the project is planned, and not an afterthought.

Some retailers believe that the bigger the storefront signs, the more auto and pedestrian traffic they will attract. This may be true of some shoppers in certain areas of the city where sale signs are plastered across store windows. Other shoppers find such signs offensive and are turned off by them, even when the merchandise they advertise may be of good quality. Most cities have ordinances to help control the size and clutter of storefront signs, but code restrictions are not enough. Design criteria are needed to encourage the use of well-designed signing.

Modern shopping centers exert strong controls on the quality of tenant signing by having design criteria written into lease agreements. The best of these centers may establish a design review committee empowered to accept or reject a design on esthetic grounds.

Shopping centers are specifically designed to shut out the noise and confusion of auto traffic; with stores facing comfortable malls, they make shopping leisurely and pleasant. Oriented to the pedestrian, signing within these centers is
scaled down in size, placed parallel to storefronts, and can be made of a wide range of more subtle, richer interior materials than signs along city streets.

not begin in California until January 1928. These were assigned to some of the main legislative routes in California. Initially, signs were posted by
Signs such as stop, no parking, no turns, and yield are considered regulatory signs. Some have special shapes, such as the octagon for the stop sign and

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OCRegisterHere’s how you might see California road signs in a whole new wayOCRegisterOriginally, California’s road signs were black with white lettering, but the state changed them after a federal rule was extended to the states. A federal study foun …